Friday, June 8, 2007

MadhubalaVsMadhuri: MadhubalaVsMadhuri

MadhubalaVsMadhuri: MadhubalaVsMadhuri

Similarities Between Them.


work on finding out more similarities between these two divas such as their dazzling smiles, similar shaped luminous faces , expressive eyes ,similar hair styles and above all the first five letters of their name. It was when I was browsing through , I read her article about look alikes and I have got no words to appreciate her work on it.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Madhubala Vs Madhuri.

I have done a lot of experimentation while collecting their pics. I have worked a lot on it. My main focus was on posting the pics in which they look alike.

My first thanks will always be to, which was of great help to me in this aspect.

I was extremely happy when I received first comment from Maya, who said that she enjoyed my posts.

That motivated me to post more and more.

My sister was always a source of encouragement for me. She always motivates me. My friend Divya has always enjoyed my posts.

My main focus was in matching up their poses which I believe has come out very well.

Do what you Love is my main principle in life. I have always n joyed posting these pics and I thank my friends and my sister who have motivated me to start a blog of my own.

Today Iam posting those pics which my friends have enjoyed the most.

I have a huge collection of Madhuri and Madhubala's pics and I am posting my favs among them:

Madhubala Vs Madhuri

This is one of the best pic of Madhu and Madhuri


An astounding quality about Madhuri is her Briskness and lively expressions. I have never seen her with a dull face. She looks smart and brisk. She is one of the best Indian dancers . It is extremely obvious that she loves dancing. Her movements, her expressions shows that.
Madhubala looks very active and lively on screen. No one can grin like Madhubala. It suits only her. Madhubala has a childish innocent face and that has made everyone love her.

Madhuri Dixit made a humble beginning with the Rajshris in a film called Abodh but the film bombed and Madhuri's future in Bollywood did not seem too bright. Filmmaker Subash Ghai had thorough confidence in Madhuri and he always said that Madhuri had the potential to be the number one and maintained that. Subash Ghai re-introduced her in Ram Lakhan. The film succeeded in bringing Madhuri's beauty and people dubbed her as the reincarnation of Madhubala.

Madhubala Vs Madhuri

I believe when I was in my Second Standard I saw Tezaab. I didnt know who was Madhuri till then. I was in Hyderabad and every where right from Road side to Railway station I could hear only one song (Ek do Teen....). My dad, my mom and my sister went to see Ramlakhan after one week. It was my mom who became a great fan of Madhuri Dixit after seeing that movie. My mom always admires her as an embodiment of beauty. She always appreciates her Dance,Acting etc etc. For my mom Beauty is Perfection and she describes Madhuri as a Perfect Beauty.

My dad believes that Madhuri looks like Madhubala but ,my mom does not think so. Of course my mom likes Madhubala lekin phir bhi not like Madhuri. I accept that Madhuri looks good, but I adore Madhubala as much as my mom loves Madhuri.

Initially I was not convinced that they look alike but when I saw "Oh Ramji " from Ramlakhan and "Mohe Pangat Pe" from Mughal e Azam I got a bit confused. That song gave me a feeling that they look alike. I have collected many pics from both the songs. They are lovely, cute and exciting.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007